Borobudur Explore Series Package

Dagi Abhinaya, an exclusive cottage from Manohara on the Dagi hill Borobudur, this year offers education and eco-friendly value-based services. The intended education value is taken from the value contained on the reliefs contained at Borobudur Temple and presented in the form of a package called Borobudur Explore Series Package. While the value of eco-friendly service is conveyed through several facilities in the package and the use of eco-friendly facilities. The Borobudur Explore Series Package aims to educate Dagi Abhinaya guests about the life’s value from reliefs of Borobudur Temple and to reduce consumables use for environmental protection.

Amenities And Services
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Dagi Dinner
  • Lecture
  • Borobudur Sunrise & Explore
  • Dagi Breakfast
  • VW Village Tour
  • Release of Birds