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Silence and Pray

1 July 2019
Dagi Abhinaya Cottage, located above the hills of Dagi, makes anyone in this area feel very comfortable to get a silence. In the silence, many tourist who stayed at Dagi Abhinaya Cottage doing many activities like praying in the balcony.

Exclusive Breakfast by Manohara Resto

Borobudur, 3 Juni 2019 Dagi Abhinaya and Manohara Resto have attractive offers for tourist who want to experience the breakfast sensation above the hills of Dagi. This offer is a facility that tourist get for the purchasing of a Sunrise Borobudur package. The breakfast atmosphere will increasingly give you an extra sense of comfort and […]

The Grandest Vision

Dagi Abhinaya is a place to explore inspiration and creativity, to produce a great work. Dagi Abhinaya is expected to be able to realize the Grandest Vision from within a person, both in the fields of education, social, cultural arts, etc. As the great figures of the predecessors of the Indonesian Nation at that time, […]

Director of Engineering & Infrastructure Enjoy Breakfast Dagi Abhinaya

Borobudur, December 13, 2018. Director of Engineering Infrastructure, Mardijono Nugroho enjoys Breakfast (Breakfast) on Bukit Dagi. Accompanying, Corporate Secretary (Achmad Muchlis), GM Borobudur (I Gusti Putu Ngurah Sedana) and GM Manohara (Jamaludin Mawardi). The breakfast concept presented is the Picnic Breakfast model, which is sitting cross-legged on a green grass on a mat, eating a […]

Keith Johnson Enjoy Exclusive Breakfast Dagi Abhinaya

Borobudur, November 22, 2018. Keith Johnson, this American citizen enjoys the Exclusive Breakfast on Bukit Dagi. Previously, at 4:30 a.m., Keith enjoyed Sunrise Borobudur Temple accompanied by a guide. The Breakfast Concept Keith chose was Picnic Breakfast, using the main venue as a Breakfast location. After enjoying breakfast, Keith conducted several photo sessions with Gajah. […]

Live Cooking By Manohara Resto

Borobudur, June 11 2019 At the Borobudur Sunrise package by Manohara Borobudur, tourist will get a breakfast facility. The Breakfast held in the area of Dagi hill and provides a various menu of selected foods. The various menu are traditional food, cereal, fruit salad and other menus that can be orderes directly because there is […]

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ELKP Deputy Assistant of the BUMN Ministry Visits Dagi Abhinaya

Borobudur, 7 November 2018. Assistant Deputy of Logistics, Regional and Tourism Energy Business I, Ms. Hendrika Nora Sinaga visited Dagi Abhinaya after watching the concert of Mariah Carey Borobudur Symphony in the Lumbini field of Borobudur Temple Tourism Park complex. Nora and several coworkers stayed in the Dagi Abhinaya cottage room. The next morning, Nora […]

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Direksi TWC Trial Cottage Dagi Abhinaya

Borobudur, 5 November 2018. President Director of PT Taman Wisata Borobudur Temple, Prambanan & Ratu Boko (TWC), Edy Setijono with Director of Finance, HR & Investment, Palwoto conducted a trial of one of Dagi Abhinaya’s business products, namely by staying in cottage rooms and enjoying all the facilities provided. The next morning, the two Directors […]

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Niema & Dimas Holds Marriage Contracts at Dagi Abhinaya

Borobudur, August 4, 2018. The happy couple Niema and Dimas held a procession of the Akad Nikah on Bukit Dagi. Using the main venue which is set in the background of the Borobudur Temple, the procession of the Marriage Covenant was attended by family and close relatives of the two brides. The procession of the […]

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