Pre Wedding Photo Package

Pre Wedding photos or photos before the wedding are usually done by couples who are going to have a wedding. Pre Wedding photos are used for visual needs of wedding invitations, photo displays during weddings, visual wedding souvenirs, etc.

Outdoor themed Pre Wedding photos and the concept of nature are still a trend for the past few years. Pre Wedding photos done outdoors also have their own beauty because they blend with nature. The natural panorama of Dagi Abhinaya is one of the locations that holds extraordinary beauty. The atmosphere of pine trees, green grass, misty morning, is more perfect with the existence of Borobudur Temple as a photo background.

Well, what are you waiting for? Please bring the amazing natural scenery of Dagi Abhinaya into your Pre Wedding photos.

Publish rate : Rp.12.500.000,-
Contract rate: –
Benefit : Venue, make up & hair do, properti (VW, sepeda onthel), lunch Manohara Resto

Amenities And Services
  • Venue
  • Make Up & Hair Do
  • Properti (VW, Sepeda Onthel)
  • Lunch at Manohara Resto