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Live Cooking By Manohara Resto

21 June 2019
Borobudur, June 11 2019 At the Borobudur Sunrise package by Manohara Borobudur, tourist will get a breakfast facility. The Breakfast held in the area of Dagi hill and provides a various menu of selected foods. The various menu are traditional food, cereal, fruit salad and other menus that can be orderes directly because there is […]

Keith Johnson Enjoy Exclusive Breakfast Dagi Abhinaya

Borobudur, November 22, 2018. Keith Johnson, this American citizen enjoys the Exclusive Breakfast on Bukit Dagi. Previously, at 4:30 a.m., Keith enjoyed Sunrise Borobudur Temple accompanied by a guide. The Breakfast Concept Keith chose was Picnic Breakfast, using the main venue as a Breakfast location. After enjoying breakfast, Keith conducted several photo sessions with Gajah. […]

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