Dagi Abhinaya Package

Success, success and all achievements, must be balanced with the spirit of giving and sharing, becoming a manifestation of concern for society, the environment and the nation.

How we can inspire people / the public. Creating / realizing the grandest vision from within by expressing thoughts, ideas, desires, ideals, imagination, dreams, etc. in the form of writing (books) and real activities such as social action (charity) as a manifestation of participation in nation building.

Dagi Abhinaya is here to help realize the grandest vision (The Grandest Vision) that you have, as the nation’s ancestors / predecessors also drew inspiration and gave birth to the Masterpiece here. The 5 main values that you will get are Personalization, Esteem / Existence, New Experience, Actualization, and Contibution. All activities that are full of inspiration, motivation and sharing, we pack into a package of Dagi Abhinaya.

Publish rate : Rp.275.000.000,- / package (3 days 2 nights) for 10 pax
Benefit : Pick up – drop off Bandara, 5 room cottage, meals, charity, book, activities based on reliefs, documentation, publication, etc.

Amenities And Services
  • 5 rooms cottage for 2 nights
  • Meals
  • Charity
  • Book
  • Activities based on reliefs
  • Documentation
  • Publication
  • Shuttle