Dagi Abhinaya Picnic Breakfast

Dagi Abhinaya Picnic Breakfast is a Culinary tour package to enjoy Manohara Resto’s typical Breakfast at the Dagi Abhinaya venue outdoors, while enjoying the beautiful view of Borobudur Temple, Menoreh Hills, Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, and Pine Trees. This package carries a traditional concept by raising Manohara’s typical menu, namely Nasi Putri Manohara, Fish Mekuah and Wedang Rempah Senget, which other restaurants do not have. Guests will be served by a waiter dressed in traditional Javanese clothes, while telling a story (story telling) about the typical Manohara menus. While enjoying the Picnic Breakfast, guests will be treated to live Gamelan Traditional Music, practice of making crafts from Janur, and traditional Dakon games. Some food menus are also served by Live Cooking, so guests can see the cooking process.

Amenities and Services:
  • Dagi Hill Sunrise
  • Picnic Breakfast
  • Borobudur Temple Entrance Ticket