Exclusive Sunrise & Breakfast

Enjoying breakfast or breakfast on the hill certainly has an incredible sensation. Dagi Abhinaya offers the Dagi Abhinaya Sunrise & Breakfast package with an outdoor concept and blends with nature. Breakfast menu is served on a circle of green grass, guests seem to sit on natural rugs. The menu offered is also diverse, Indonesian Food and American Food, adjusting the tastes and desires of guests.

Guests can enjoy a breakfast dish amid the natural atmosphere of Borobudur, the cool morning air on a hill, misty sky, green trees, and the chirping of the sounds of birds that are muttering to each other. In fact, the guests were also presented with a view of the fascinating Borobudur Temple.

Not only in terms of service and atmosphere, Dagi Abhinaya provided. Furthermore, Dagi Abhinaya wants to provide more experience to the guests. Therefore, Dagi Abhinaya prepared an Explainer who would explain various things to the guests, both about Borobudur Temple, Bukit Dagi, and even the natural environment around the Borobudur area with various existing customs. This is of course so that guests get more value while enjoying Breakfast Dagi Abhinaya, not just enjoying breakfast, but also getting more insight and knowledge. Before enjoying breakfast at Bukit Dagi, you can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise (Sunrise) above the magnificent Borobudur Temple.

Publish rate : Rp.1.950.000,- / pax (minimal 2 pax)
Benefit : Sunrise at Borobudur Temple, Guide, Story Telling, Breakfast Dagi
Itinerary :

  • 04.30 – 04.40 : Start from Manohara Resto and heading to the temple
  • 04.40 – 06.00 : Enjoying Sunrise at Borobudur Temple
  • 06.00 – 07.00 : Explore abaout relief story guideded by Profesional Tour Guide
  • 07.00 – 07.15 : Heading to Dagi Hill
  • 07.15 – 08.00 : Breakfast at Dagi (Story Telling Dagi)
  • 08.00 : End of the tour and Service

Breakfast Menu :

  • Continental Breakfast or American Breakfast
  • Porridge / Fried Rice / Sandwich / Indonesian Sushi

Amenities And Services
  • Guide
  • Breakfast
  • Sunrise Ticket
  • Souvenir