Exclusive Yoga Package

The environment and atmosphere where Yoga activities are carried out are very important elements. Of course a place that is full of tranquility is needed, and natural conditions that support it. Dagi Abhinaya is the right choice for doing Yoga activities. Dagi Abhinaya is on a hill, so it has cool air. Supported by outdoor conditions dominated by green grass and trees. View of Borobudur Temple also further enhances Yoga activities at Dagi Abhinaya.

Dagi Abhinaya offers Yoga packages for you. The location and atmosphere here is perfect for doing yoga. The natural conditions are very supportive so we make sure guests really feel relaxed. This commitment is what we always maintain in the service of guests.

In addition to the venue and supporting atmosphere, the Yoga Package offered by Dagi Abhinaya is equipped with Yoga and Healthy Food instructors. Uniquely, several styles of Yoga movements will be combined with Meditation styles that are on the Borobudur temple reliefs.

Publish rate : Rp.25.000.000,- (for 30 pax)
Contract rate:
Benefit : Venue, instruktur Yoga, healthy breakfast, matras, story telling, guide.

Fasilitas dan Layanan:
  • Venue
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Healthy Breakfast
  • Mattress
  • Story Telling