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Story of Bukit Dagi

Dagi Hill is the highest place, which is then personified as a place of overall observation of the Borobudur temple area. It is said that this is where supervision of the construction of the Borobudur temple is carried out. Like a lighthouse, a vast ocean observation area from buildings that are specifically made with a certain height. Dagi Hill is the only hill in the Borobudur temple complex. On a hill with a height of 275 m. Dagi Hill is located right in the northwest of Borobudur temple. View of Borobudur Temple looks so charming from Bukit Dagi. This is one of the biggest magnets owned by Bukit Dagi, where guests can enjoy the beauty of Borobudur temple exclusively. That said, Bukit Dagi is a very premium place, where the King at that time poured ideas, ideas in formulating strategies, while overseeing the process of building the Borobudur temple. So that it can be said that Bukit Dagi is one of the places where a Masterpiece of Borobudur Temple was created.

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