Pre Wedding Photo Package

Pre Wedding photos or photos before the wedding are usually done by couples who are going to have a wedding. Pre Wedding photos are used for visual needs of wedding invitations, photo displays during weddings, visual wedding souvenirs, etc. Outdoor themed Pre Wedding photos and the concept of nature are still a trend for the […]

Cottage Room

Dagi Abhinaya has 5 exclusive cottages that have wooden concept of the buildings that really unite with nature. Located on a hill, in the northwest of Borobudur Temple, makes the appearance of Borobudur Temple look so charming from Dagi Abhinaya. This is the attraction of Dagi Abhinaya. Publish Rate : Rp 3.400.000,- (for 2 pax) […]

Borobudur Explore Series Package

Dagi Abhinaya, an exclusive cottage from Manohara on the Dagi hill Borobudur, this year offers education and eco-friendly value-based services. The intended education value is taken from the value contained on the reliefs contained at Borobudur Temple and presented in the form of a package called Borobudur Explore Series Package. While the value of eco-friendly […]

Borobudur Treasure Hunt Package

Borobudur Treasure Hunt Package is the best choice package for your company outbound to release all of the forworn work. This package has a unique design that will take you to explore and discover the Borobudur Temple surrounding by a great map. You could hunt a hidden treasure with your colleagues/friends by looking for some […]

Borobudur Sunset

Borobudur Sunset could be a good chance to see the outstanding scenery. Borobudur Sunset ticket is a special entrance ticket for visitors who will enjoy the Borobudur temple at dusk. While enjoying the stunning view, you could get a peaceful mind in a great and extraordinary place. Watching the sun sets could be a near-spiritual […]

Borobudur Manohara Package (BMP)

You could visit Borobudur Temple with safe and comfort feeling through VIP entrance only from Manohara. Easier and closer access with extra facilities from Manohara. PACKAGE DETAILS : Kurs $ = IDR 12.500 – IDR 15.000 Adult Price : Foreigner Visitor : IDR 400.000 per person Domestic Visitor : IDR 200.000 per person Children Price […]

Borobudur Sunrise

Borobudur temple is best seen at dawn, when the air is fresh. As the mist begins to lift, the sun scales the surrounding volcanoes and terraced fields, and highlights the stone reliefs and the many faces of Buddha. Glimpsing Borobudur for the first time is often a deeply felt emotional experience. Borobudur Sunrise ticket offers […]

Manohara Resto

Manohara Resto is the only one Restaurant located inside of the area of Borobudur Temple “the greatest Buddhist Sanctuary in the world” .This resto is provided for 80 up to 200 seats Manohara Resto offers :  Ala carte menu  Buffet Menu (by reservation)  Set Menu (by reservation)  Family Style (by reservation)  Coffee Break (by reservation) […]
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